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World's First 24 Hour Offsite Internet Department for Car Dealers!

Do you find yourself constantly having to remind your Internet Department to follow-up with their leads?

Do you ever wonder just how fast your Internet Department is in answering e-mails?

Does your Internet Department accurately track the leads from your online advertising sources?

Do you often wonder if hiring that Internet Sales Manager was the right choice?

These are all questions that plague automobile dealership's everyday!
Automobile BDC has come up with a solution to alleviate all the headaches that come with the traditional Internet Department. We have the team, experience, resources, and drive to provide your dealership with the tools, training and software to wage an aggressive Internet Marketing Campaign focused on driving traffic directly into your showroom.

Automotive BDC have designed a proven strategy to improve your dealership's online sales and profit results. We focus specifically on the Automotive industry and dealership Internet sales training with respect to all aspects of Internet Marketing. We have vast expertise with Business Development Center Installations as well as Internet Operations. We work closely with you on your scope, Strategy, Structure, Marketing, Website, Lead Providers, Search Engines, Recruiting and Training and how you can measure your performance for the best possible results... in a nut shell Automotive BDC delivers results!

Automobile BDC will help you grow your Internet Department while reducing your expense all at the same time!

Dealerships working with Automobile BDC are experiencing phenomenal success, increasing both their unit sales as well as their grosses on vehicle sales.

Starting at $2,995.00 we will handle the entire department. Help to flood your showroom floor where you the dealer does best with the guest in front of you. Find out more about our
Automotive Business Development Service

Cars can be replaced customers can not!

If you are interested in taking your dealership to the next level, open minded to being an innovator and not just a client, then Automobile BDC is the perfect BDC solution for your dealership.

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