Frequently Asked Questions About outsourcing Automotive BDC Department

Q:Why Do you need Automobile Business Development Center in your dealership?

A: What we do in a nutshell is SET appointments. we do several ways:

1.  Inbound Phone calls being redirected from your store to our facility, sales, all Internet lead providers and your own website. We answer every call within 1 ring 24 hours per day, no matter what time or day. We answer " Thank you for calling " Your Dealership Name" are you calling to set a VIP appointment? We continue to use a proven phone script to capture name phone number and vehicle desire and then enter this data into your follow up system whatever that may be. Our goal is to set the appointment. If asked about price we quote the price you give us ( usually the one on your website ) and state that " we are highly negotiable in person, when would be a good time for you to come in? "

2. Internet leads are handled the moment they come in and are sent our custom first email. This will include the vehicle they are inquiring about ( example a 2011 Ford Focus SEL ) and also the next closest step down ( 2011 Ford Focus SE ) then the closest preowned vehicle that would fit the guests desires ( like a 2010 Ford Focus SE) We would also call this guest if between the hours of 9 am and 9pm to set the appointment. We follow this up with a custom email every other day asking for an appointment, and really getting creative with guests who have yet to engage us. Example, Not sure you are still looking for an F 150, but of you are call me right away. You are going to love what just came out. "

3. Outbound Phone calls . These are made every other day initially and then we taper off to every third then 7 days but continue the follow up process for 92 days until the guest purchases or states " please never call me again ". Our voice mails we leave are like this one Not sure you are still looking for an F 150, but of you are call me right away. You are going to love what just came out. As the guest calls back we engage the guest with excitement and enthusiasm to set the appointment.

4. We use a chat-room product that we host on the internet to stay in constant communication with your team throughout each day. This way if the guest has a question like " Does the car smell like smoke" we can answer the guest with credible and accurate information. We use your website to answer most questions but every once in a while we will need some help from your team.

5. We send you an excel spreadsheet each evening that details every appointment set, lead provider and disposition. We keep this accurate and continue to call after the appointment to ensure the guest made it in, and if they did not purchase, we ask WHY?

6. If you are receiving 15-20 leads per day and another 10-15 phone calls that equates to 25-35 per day. IF you are following up for 90 days on each of these guests that puts your daily activity level around 25 x 90 x 65%( we use 65% assuming 35% purchase, cant purchase, or decline follow up for some reason ) That gives you 1462 activities each day. 731 emails and 731 Phone calls. Most stores are not equipped for this type of follow up. The average team member here can perform 100 calls and 100 emails in an 8 hour shift. As you can see that is 7 team members present every day with time off it would take you 10 full time fully trained team members doing it properly.

Q: I think this service is a perfect solution. Do you offer any other services?

A: YES... We have a solution for taking control of phone appointments and service scheduling in your dealership!
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