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The World™s First 24 Hour Offsite Internet Department for Dealers!Outsource Your Automotive Business Development Center!

We have had several dealers who want to know if we are cost effective? Automobile BDC has one question to ask of those dealers...

What is the current monthly expense of your Internet Department?

The answer seems to be universally the same. Dealers have one Internet Manager that costs $6000 a month and depending on the dealership their support staff costs $2000 a month each. So if you had one Internet Manager and 6 support staff that equals out to $18,000 plus payroll tax, benefits, and space constraints!

Automobile BDC offers 24 hour coverage for only a fraction of the cost to run a traditional Internet Department!

Would you rather pay $18,000.00 a month for mediocre results or $3,995.00 for world-class service? Find out more about our automotive business development center solutions.

Our Pricing Structure:
We price by the total daily activities ( on average ) a dealership has

under 100 per day ( 3000 per month ) only $2995 per month

100- 149 per day ( up to 4500 per month ) only $3995 per month

150-199 per day ( up to 6000 per month ) only $4995 per month

200-249 per day ( up to 7500 per month ) only $5995 per month

250-299 per day ( up to 9000 per month ) only $6995 per month

300 plus activities per day please make a written request for pricing

Daily activity is defined as:

Incoming phone call

Outgoing phone call

Responding to an email request

An outgoing follow up email

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