Outsource Internet Business Development Department

Pam Valentine President

Pam Valentine has been in the automobile business for over 20 years, starting out in service as a service writer and working her way up to the positions of service manager and finally Director of fixed operations. Ms Valentine's main goal is to educate and provide solutions to help dealers follow-up and set appointments to create showroom traffic. The days of the traditional Internet department are over, and the day of The Worlds First 24 Hour Internet Department has begun!

Matthew T Valentine CEO

Matthew T Valentine has been in the automobile industry for 25 years. Former automobile dealer ( Valentine Honda ) Mr Valentine believes that ideas should never be "tried out" on a client. All of the process architecture was designed and proven at his own dealership. Available 24/7 , and always an active part of day to day operations, Mr Valentine believes that with hard work and consistent process improvement, AutomobileBDC can change the way dealers view out sourcing. At a fraction of the cost, and 24 hours per day coverage, the dealer can now dominate his market without the stress of training and payroll headaches of traditional Internet departments.

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